"The Dancing Rat: A memecoin that grooves to the beat of legendary memes, ready to set the dance floor on fire! While cats, dogs, and even a frog busted their moves, it's my time to shine and make everyone dance to my rhythm."



"The Dancing Rat bursts onto the memecoin scene like a dancer on fire, revolutionizing the rhythm of memecoins. With no presale, no team tokens, LP locked for 5,000 days, and contract renounced, $DANCINGRAT takes center stage as the coin for the people. Let $DANCINGRAT lead the way with its pure memetic power, grooving to the beat of innovation and inclusivity."


Hey there, it's Remy, your dancing partner from the world of Ratatouille! "The Dancing Rat" is as unique as they come with a 5/5 tax dance that's pure Rataliciousness! What does that mean?50% of the groove goes straight to all Dancing Rat holders, ensuring everyone's in step with the beat. Then, 30% sways into the liquidity pool, keeping our dance floor smooth and vibrant. And of course, 20% slides into the marketing wallet, adding that sparkle and flair every great dance needs! This project isn't just a coin; it's a Ratastic revolution that will cook . Join us and let's groove together to the rhythm of victory!


"Fire up the stoves, because it's time for the Rataculous Ratalicious Rat Revolution to begin in full swing! LFGGG. As we step into rat season, embrace the rhythm of change and dance to the beat of our success. The stage is set, the ingredients are ready, and together, we'll create a masterpiece that'll leave everyone craving for more!"

How To Buy

Create Metamask Wallet

Create your Metamask Wallet by installing the Metamask application in your phone or web browser.

Have some $BNB in your Wallet

Add some $BNB to your Metamask Wallet. You can buy or transfer $BNB directly from Metamask.

Swap your $BNB to $DANCINGRAT

Go to PancakeSwap or Poocoin and add $DANCINGRAT contract address and swap your desired amount.


token supply:

We aint doing any bullshit,rewards keep flowing in.
LP is locked for 100 years, and contract ownership is renounced.




Phase 1: Meme In this phase, the Dancing Rat starts the dance with a meme-inspired step, setting the beat with laughter, creativity, and viral appeal.

Phase 2: Vibe and HODL Moving into the second phase, the Dancing Rat grooves into the vibe and HODL stance, swaying with confidence, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to holding onto its rhythm.

Phase 3: Meme Takeover Finally, in the third phase, the Dancing Rat executes the ultimate meme takeover move, where it shines as the star of the memecoin dance floor, captivating audiences with its pure memetic power and innovative flair.